Saturday, May 20, 2017

here's hoping the kids morning soccer is called off in honor of Pippa's wedding so I can stay home instead, drool over pictures, not get dressed and drink excessive amounts of coffee

The kids soccer practice and games weren't called off after all, but that certainly didn't stop me from drooling over pictures...

arriving with her dad, so sweet! 

these hats at British weddings are the real deal. I've been to many a British wedding and everyone still rocks the party hat. I love it! Chic, fancy and fun

more hat flair

I love everything about this picture; kate (obvi), the little pager boys and flower girls, the hushing and the thick rose garland makes me swoon. 

stunning! (and can we talk about my arm envy and her teeny waist?!)

my favorite! 

My grandmother in-law in Wales knows I love the royal family, so I'm half expecting British gossip mag in the mail with great, oversized, glossy photos or at least a Pippa + Kate calendar ;)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

pink bathroom: part 2

first things first, let's get back to that pink bathroom, shall we?

while Stuart wasn't a fan of the flamingos nearly as much as I was, we settled on chic country roses to stay with the look and character of the house, but still needed something to make this 50's pink tile shine.

Also, by this point we knew we were thinking of moving soon, so wanted something less crazy and not so catered to our taste.

We knew we wanted a big print, rather than small roses buds. I loved the idea of a black background, but thought that might not attract or appeal to too many people. It had to be within the fine parameters of chic and pretty, but not old lady-ish/dated/boring.

Here are some of the options...

(all of these we found on they have a really big selection)

Here's the work in progress. I obviously hired to two cutest wallpapers in town and paid them in sandwiches and cookies ;)

and VOILA! the final product...

This was a good sized bathroom with really fantastic light. While it was only a half bath, you could easily have put in a shower or a bath with just a little reconfiguration. We just didn't have the time, money or energy. 

A few other things we did to give this room a facelift was a new floor and freshen up the white trim. A clean coat of white and retouching trim is the easiest way to boost a room back to life. 

And well, if you've been following for long, this room got a floor in the first place. This bathroom, since we moved in, had no floor, just old, smelly,  sub-flooring, which I'm sure wasn't up to code nor was it attractive. 

We chose a simple, clean, light color laminate floor. Home Depot and cost under $100 for the entire room. It was those easy stick tiles (I say easy because Stuart did it, not me;)

We wanted a light color, since its a fairly small room, but the whole new look makes it look bigger and much brighter. 

We also brought in a plant, got rid of the dark medicine cabinet and put up a chic, shabby cut glass mirror. We left the sink, since it was small and sweet and there was already plenty of storage in the built-in cabinets. And we put in a new, inexpensive, white toilet. 

We were pretty pleased with how it came out and our only regret was not doing it sooner so we could have enjoyed it. Live and learn. 

I'M BACK! after a 2 year hiatus, I'm back. And I am so sorry it's been so long.

so much has obviously happened since our last post; another baby, a 10 year wedding celebration, and a move. big, grown up things. crazy!

while we've moved into a new, 19805 contemporary house in the woods, I still have two share with you so many little projects we did in our previous, gorgeous victorian.

baby Bowie



*this is the VERY last picture of all five of us at our old home. so bittersweet.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

pink tile bathroom

back from hiatus (once again) and bathroom projects on the brain.

i'm not even sure if I've ever mentioned our downstairs bathroom. it's huge, has great light and we have big plans for it....oh, and it's hilariously hideous!

but after we had to unexpectedly give our upstairs bathroom a facelift/makeover not quite a year ago, and therefor spending a chunk of money we didn't have, we have to put our grand downstairs bathroom plans on hold.

this is our bathroom now (like, right now. i JUST took these pictures about 2 minutes ago)

while it's slowly grown on me and i find it really funny and charming in its own way, stuart hates the pink tile. but we're not about to go and paint tile or do anything that takes too much time, money or effort, especially as the grand plans we're hoping we can do within the next 3+ years.

i had this brilliant idea last night and thought we should totally embrace the wildly dated pink + black combo and actually make that our theme and just run with it. FLAMINGOS!

so this morning i've been knee deep in "research" and found these awesome flamingo print wallpapers. 

the print needs to be fun and not too serious. can flamingos be serious?

I'm thinking it also ideally needs to have a bit of black in it to pull the colored tile in. 

this one is my favorite of the bunch, but i have no doubts will be stuarts least favorite. i also need to see how big the scale is.

shockingly, stuart is (somewhat) on board and once we order the paper, we could get the whole project done in a weekend. 

i'll keep you posted on progress. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

rose dishes

remember me vaguely mentioning my growing collection of rose dishes? well, i found two more this past weekend while antique shopping with my mom.

how fabulous are these?!

while the smaller plate is a little too small for my incomplete dinner set, who doesn't want a fancy lunch plate? and the platter is the perfect size.

the platter was a mere $3 and the plate was $1. both 15% off, so i spent less that $4 on both. serious shopping usually yields seriously awesome.