Thursday, January 29, 2015

pink tile bathroom

back from hiatus (once again) and bathroom projects on the brain.

i'm not even sure if I've ever mentioned our downstairs bathroom. it's huge, has great light and we have big plans for it....oh, and it's hilariously hideous!

but after we had to unexpectedly give our upstairs bathroom a facelift/makeover not quite a year ago, and therefor spending a chunk of money we didn't have, we have to put our grand downstairs bathroom plans on hold.

this is our bathroom now (like, right now. i JUST took these pictures about 2 minutes ago)

while it's slowly grown on me and i find it really funny and charming in its own way, stuart hates the pink tile. but we're not about to go and paint tile or do anything that takes too much time, money or effort, especially as the grand plans we're hoping we can do within the next 3+ years.

i had this brilliant idea last night and thought we should totally embrace the wildly dated pink + black combo and actually make that our theme and just run with it. FLAMINGOS!

so this morning i've been knee deep in "research" and found these awesome flamingo print wallpapers. 

the print needs to be fun and not too serious. can flamingos be serious?

I'm thinking it also ideally needs to have a bit of black in it to pull the colored tile in. 

this one is my favorite of the bunch, but i have no doubts will be stuarts least favorite. i also need to see how big the scale is.

shockingly, stuart is (somewhat) on board and once we order the paper, we could get the whole project done in a weekend. 

i'll keep you posted on progress. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

rose dishes

remember me vaguely mentioning my growing collection of rose dishes? well, i found two more this past weekend while antique shopping with my mom.

how fabulous are these?!

while the smaller plate is a little too small for my incomplete dinner set, who doesn't want a fancy lunch plate? and the platter is the perfect size.

the platter was a mere $3 and the plate was $1. both 15% off, so i spent less that $4 on both. serious shopping usually yields seriously awesome. 

Monday, June 2, 2014

thrifting treasures

as i mentioned in my last post, it is the season for finding great treasures. this past weekend i found tons of great stuff!

i bought two pretty rose plates and a fabulous vintage mirror for only $10 the first day of an estate sale in town. the rose plates I've been collecting for the past 8 years in lieu of us having any formal china, so i was happy to add those to my growing collection. and the mirror i have big plans for when we finally get around to doing our downstairs bathroom.

so my mom and i decided to scout out the estate sale on it's last day to see if there were any bargains (amidst ballet recital weekend)

sure enough we got to fill a box for only $1. AWESOME

here's what i came home with...

this sweet little tea/espresso cup. it's in such a vibrant yellow and the handle painting resembles some sort of bird. i love it! it will be perfect to serve some mustard or jam or honey in.

i found two of these little rose bowls. the pattern was pretty and i always love the gold rim. great to serve a side of olives or lemon wedges or something.

and here's a picture of the china loot. 

i love that i can layer some of them too. they all kind of coordinated. 

i also found a vintage mint green zipper for who knows what project, but hey, it was in the $1 box. and...

these beautiful gold-tipped needles. 

and this old calendar page from May 1982. i just really loved the moon images. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

elephants trunk season

i love spring time for so many reasons; tulips budding, everything turning lovely shades of green, berries in season, sun brewed iced tea and to trump all of these things: elephants truck/flea market/garage sale season. i actually get all giddy with excitement when i see my first garage sale sign of the year. bring on the bargains!

so, naturally, i dragged the whole family along for a morning of extreme fun at the elephants trunk the other weekend. we left with a car full of goodies and stomachs full of typical connecticut fair food; apple cider donuts and fries.

bargain #1 - this beautiful, irish wool, plaid blanket. i was kind of obsessed with the color combinations and am totally picturing it pin cai's big boy room transformation

made in ireland exclusively for lord & taylor...and me

plus, i totally reminded me of these amazing blankets from terrain. seriously gorgeous. 

but i got mine for a mere $15 vs. $348. bargain? check!

bargain #2 - this little gem of a throw. seriously, look at these colors. and baby fringe! who doesn't love wool baby fringe?!  it's beautiful. it's pretty small, but perfect size for nia snuggles.

bargain #3 - metal magazine/book holders. they were priced $15 each, but it was late in the day and i got both for $10. score! i'm sure they were used for mail or something, but my plan for these bad boys i'm still deciding between as book holders next to the kids beds or near the guest room nightstand or as a magazine holder in the bathroom. (after 10 years together, stuart and i still aren't sure how we feel about encouraging reading in the bathroom, so we're still on the fence)

bargain #4 - hand painted, gold leaf box from florence, italy. so sweet, great size and in great shape. $7. currently housing pinecone treasures and special rocks :)

bargain #5 - really fabulous, super soft, red quilt. i love it. the colors are pretty simple reds, yellow and black + whites. it is an such great shape and is SO COZY. i was originally thinking nia's room, but her room is feeling a bit more french/pastel/antique to me, leaving me to think cai's future big boy room. clearly, cai is making out like a bandit; throw, quilt, (possible) book storage. 

i feel obligated to note that i do 3 weird/strict testing on anything fabric before i buy it. goes as follows, not always in this order...

1) sniff test. sounds gross, but i would rather do it that realize when I'm home it fails a sniff test. gross, but vital.
2) washable, or cheap enough that if its not washable and i ignore all laundering rules, wash it anyway that it's a not a huge loss, or if its just simply that amazing and can only dry dean, that i can afford to get it properly cleaned. 
3) judge. yup, i most definitely judge sellers.

Monday, May 5, 2014

DIY triangle garland

after making these awesome heart strands on-a-whim valentine craft, i decided i wanted to do something to jazz up cai's first birthday party.

i made nia a really fun + beautiful ribbon garland for her 2nd birthday party, which now hangs over her bed, but wanted something a little less feminine...not that cai can't handle it. he loves butterfly wings and has been known to wear crowns

... and maybe bring into his room decor once the party was over. and i didn't want to do the ribbons again but instead wanted something new and original.

well, admittedly, not so original, as i was pretty seriously inspired by emily hendersons triangle baby shower. how gorgeous is that and what a clever theme! i obviously didn't take the triangles as seriously and cai's party was far less festive and beautiful, but hey, i have to craft solo, a midsts an elmo spaghettios clad dinning table, with toddler safe scissors.

i basically chose a few different shades of blues + green paper, cut them into different sized triangles and sewed them together in the same way i did the hearts.

they all kind of hung out, scotch taped to the wall for a few weeks. but i really loved how they looked on a blank wall. it reminded me of a variation of a fine little day wallpaper or something. 

turns out, the morning of the party was kinda crazy and i forgot about them until about 20 minutes before company was due to arrive. oops! so my fabulous friend caroline helped string them up behind the bar station, where they looked pretty cute and helped hide the awkward behind the stairs space. 

in hind sight, i would have made less, but longer strands, as they were constantly getting tangled and are now draped over a chair, in the basement, in a big, awkward single strand. "E" for effort, no?